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Inspire Local Project Podcast | Episode 001 with Julie Jahn

Written by Amanda Adamcheck


Posted on May 09 2018

Episode 1 of the Inspire Local Project has us excited for new beginnings...putting things into the world, imperfect and all. I can't wait to hear what episodes sound like later on in the series versus the very first one. "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." - Lao Tzu. And here's our first step into inspiring action and sharing stories of ladies doing big things. Julie Jahn couldn't be a better first-time guest as she helped me take this leap! 

If you see #InspireAction throughout the blog, it's just our way of pointing out areas where you can take action! Do you want to listen to the podcast? Head to the bottom of the blog! 

A little background on Julie for those that don't know her...she's a professor at Eastern Michigan University, a yoga instructor at Starseed Yoga in Canton, a weightlifter, podcast host, & so much more! And she's currently obsessed with the spring weather in Michigan and her oh-so-comfy Fleo spandex shorts.
Julie has so much depth to her and wears many hats, but if she had to be summed up in one word, it could be namaSTAYstrong. It's her lifestyle, mindset, and there's so much you can take away from it, yogi, weightlifter, or not. In this episode we learn about what strength means to her, the fake expectation of "balance", learn about the difference between task-oriented vs. product-oriented goals, how taking daily actions can help you accomplish your goals, and so so much more! 
16:30 We can define strength so many ways and that's the pillar of her namaSTAYstrong program which she currently runs at her yoga studio. "Strength is whatever in the moment you're able to stop and recognize. Life gave me something and I dealt with. It doesn't have to be the stereotypical definition of being strong. "I don't have one set's always changing. Its you taking a second to recognize when you're showing strength."  
20:22 To help explain how helps balance her two worlds and the push/pull of life, she describes how we life in the "matrix" and we have to create enough magic in our life to balance it all out."I show compassion to myself and I don't create this fake expectation of being balanced. You gotta play the matrix game but I need to keep enough things in my life that are this concept of magic...balance of operating in the matrix but using the qualities and coping skills that I cultivate in this magic area and cross them together (could be yoga, faith, fitness)." 
#InspireAction: Do you struggle with balancing work & life? Or raising your kids and life? Whatever resonates with you...take a minute to look at what "magic" you're cultivating in your life to help you in other areas of life. Does exercise, yoga, meditation, art, listening to music, etc. help center you or bring you joy? When you do those things frequently, do you find yourself dealing with other things in a better way? More calm, less likely to stress, feel centered?  
27:50 Recognizing that you have more power than you give yourself credit for you. And more strength. If you were describing strength as a not crying, or hold the family together or not be a hot mess all the time...that's not being strong, that's being fake. Strength in being honest with yourself."   
28:27 How can working on daily actions help you reach your goals? Goal setting is usually a lot of talk and not a lot of action. Julie talks about setting product-oriented goals (for example, I wanna lose 10lbs) vs. task-oriented goals (for example, I'm going to walk/run every day after work).   #InspireAction: Pair down your goals into daily actions that you can accomplish each day. It keeps the motivation going. "If you know you have this daily action and you trust it'll put you on the path to meet this goal, it'll seem attainable, and the more you do it, you get more confident and it will get you closer to the goal."  
33:00 Julie also places a huge emphasize on WHY we want to accomplish the goal when setting goals. For example, if you want to lose 10lbs, is it really about the weight or do you want to feel better and have more energy? This helps with identifying the true meaning behind WHY you want to attain the goal which in turn will help shape your daily actions!   
40:27 We always leave the podcast with a little fun...with our fab 5 questions:
  1. Yoga or Weightlifting? Julie would actually choose weightlifting at this point in her life! Sorry, yogis! She'd sneak in some stretches as part of weightlifting though!
  2. Last meal she'd have in life? Pizza, wine, flourless chocolate cake, with a side of veggies!
  3. Piece of advice you'd give your 23 year old self? Explore more!
  4. Michigan or Wisconsin (where she is originally from): Sorry Michiganders, she'd choose her home state of Wisconsin. 
  5. Dream job: PE teacher (loves kids!) with a side of what's currently doing or perhaps owning a business!
Julie leaves us with her one #InspireAction for you that you can take and implement: "Find something, even little instances or even outside of yourself, and recognizing the strength within yourself and others. Start noticing it within yourself or others (and let others know when they are being strong)."    
You can find Julie Jahn on Instagram at @juliejttoday or head to Starseed Yoga to take one of her classes and enroll in her next namaSTAYstrong program!
Enjoyed this short & sweet summary of the episode and want more? Take a listen to the actual podcast on SoundCloud or the Podcast App (just search for Inspire Local Project!) 

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